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You Can Stream Nollywood Content on These Platforms

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There was a time when you could only gain access to Nollywood content by watching it on TV or through CDs and DVDs. Today, the availability of streaming platforms has made it easier to access content. Below are some platforms you can stream Nollywood content on.


In 2014, Netflix streamed the first Nigerian film on its platform. It was none other than Kunle Afolaya’s film, October 1. Subsequently, more Nollywood content was made available on Netflix and between 2016 and 2017, film distributors such as IrokoTv and FilmOne licensed over 35 titles collectively to Netflix.

Nollywood content

In 2018, Netflix acquired its first film from Nigeria, Lionheart, and by February 2020, Netflix launched Netflix Nigeria and announced that it was releasing some Nigerian Netflix original series. You can watch a variety of Nigerian movies and TV shows on Netflix as well as foreign blockbusters. Netflix’s monthly subscription plans are N3,096, N3,483, and N4,646 depending on your selected plan.

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Iroko TV

Nollywood content

Iroko TV offers you Nollywood at your fingertips. With additional services such as offline playback and the ability to share your files with others, Iroko TV is a streaming force to be reckoned with. The platform grants access to Nollywood content, Bollywood content, Telenovelas, kids programs, and more.

Iroko TV has subscription plans depending on the content you want. The plans are; Nollyoowd, Nollywood + International, and International. The plans cost N3,000, N5,000, and N3,000 respectively.


NollyLand grants access to Nollywood content, Ghanian content, and other African movies and TV shows. While other streaming platforms do not come with such a flexible pricing system, NollyLand offers not just monthly subscriptions, but you can pay to use the service for just one day, three days, or 30 days. You can also pay to watch just one movie.

Which streaming service is your most preferred for Nollywood content?

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