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4 Young Movie Directors In Nigeria Breaking Bounds

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Although they are mostly behind the cameras, movie directors play an irreplaceable role in films. Directors such as Tunde Kelani, Kemi Adetiba Niyi Akinmolyan have made quite a name for themselves. However, there are some young movie directors whose names you should also know.

Here Are Young Movie Directors To Look Out For

Nora Awolowo

Young movie directors
Nora Awolowo on the set of Symphonies.

Nora is a self-taught director and cinematographer. Her work ranges from short films (Symphonies, The Proposal)  to documentaries (Struggles, Discover Quest).However, it was her documentary, Life At The Bay, which caught our attention. She worked on the documentary with the journalist, Kiki Mordi to show the lives and struggles of women living in Tarkwa Bay.

Nora is also the founder and team lead of Rixel Studios.

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Diji Aderogba

Young movie directors
Diji Aderogba and Kenneth Okonkwo on the set of Living in Bondage: Breaking Free

Diji received his training from Tunde Kelani’s film school, Mainframe Film and Media Institute (MFMI). He has further stated that the veteran filmmaker is a huge influence on his style.

Some of Diji’s projects include: To be A Child Again, Tosin, ÌLÙ GÁNGAN (Talking Drum), and many others. However, it was his 2018 documentary “Hidden Euphoria,” which gave him prominence.

The documentary, which highlights life in one of Lagos’s well-known slums, Makoko, bagged him an AMVCA nomination.

Diji is also the owner of Sublime Motion Pictures.

Emamode Edosio

Young Nigerian movie directors
Emamode Edosio

Emamode received her training from the New York Film Academy and the Motion pictures Institute of Michigan. However, she returned to Nigeria in 2013 where she worked for entertainment companies such as Hip Hop TV and Ebonylife Tv.

However, it was her 2018 feature film, Kasala which shot her into the limelight. Kasala is a comedy that follows the lives of four poor boys after they crash a car and have five hours to fix it before the owner returns.The film won the Audience Choice Award at the 2018 Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) Globe awards.

Dare Olaitan

Dare Olaitan
Dare Olaitan

Writer, Co-Producer, and Director of 2016 Nigerian crime heist comedy film, Ojukokoro: Greed, Dare Olaitan is a name to remember. He received training on Directing/Screenwriting Degree from the Colorado Film School.

Ojukokoro was first released in November 2016 at AFRIFF and in March 2017 at Nigerian cinemas. It follows the story of a cash-strapped manager who decides to rob his employees but finds out he’s not the only one with this intention.

Dare is also the director for the thriller, Knock Out Blessing which received 4 AMAA nominations in 2018.

Do you know any other young movie directors who are impacting the industry? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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